Repo containing scripts to be used with dovel, and git hooks that powers our web interface.

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Author: brian (

Date: Fri Apr 19 15:23:05 2024 -0300

Parent: 04fc7ea

Fixed typos on git page



diff --git a/post-receive b/post-receive
index a30709e..2df2b11 100755
--- a/post-receive
+++ b/post-receive
@@ -49,16 +49,16 @@ updategit() {
 		The dovel team uses the git email workflow to accept contributions.
 		All email sent to is considered as git mailling lists.
 		To send email about other subjects please address them to 
-		<a></a>.
+		<a>dovel _AT_</a>.
 		<p>Browse the <a href=mail.html>mailing list</a> online.</p>
 		<h3>Email addresses</h3>
 		To send contributions use the repo name inside brackets as
 		subject, i.e. to contribute to the server project send email to
-		<kbd></kbd>, with subject stating with
+		<kbd>mailing _AT_</kbd>, with subject starting with
 		[server]. Please CC me as well so I can reply faster:
-		<kbd></kbd>.
+		<kbd>dovel _AT_</kbd>.
 		<h3>Email etiquette</h3>
 		We only accept plain text email. More info and recomendations can be