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Welcome! Here you'll find general info about our projects and how to contribute to them. We proudly use dovel email technology for our mailing lists. Its hooks are in the scripts repo. Please read the next sections before making a contribution.


Hooks to be used to receive/send emails.
Repo containing scripts to be used with dovel, and git hooks that powers our web interface.
This is the main dovel repository, it has the Go code to run dovel SMTP server.
Dovel website repository.
ssh client for accessing dovel server emails.
Repo with a simple http server with auth to serve my email.

Latest commit

7170f34 on scripts:

commit 7170f347cc3ee92c62d8719426ab93a11725af20
Author: brian 
Date:   Fri Apr 19 15:23:05 2024 -0300

    Fixed typos on git page


The dovel team uses the git email workflow to accept contributions. All email sent to is considered as git mailling lists. To send email about other subjects please address them to dovel _AT_

Browse the mailing list online.

Email addresses

To send contributions use the repo name inside brackets as subject, i.e. to contribute to the server project send email to mailing _AT_, with subject starting with [server]. Please CC me as well so I can reply faster: dovel _AT_

Email etiquette

We only accept plain text email. More info and recomendations can be found on Also has instructions on how to setup git to send email for many platforms.